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Your Weekly Horoscopes: December 16 to By. Kiki O'Keeffe. | Dec. 14, Winter has finally come. And by winter we mean Capricorn season, which.

You could feel like hosting a dinner party or facilitating a festive gathering so that you can share the love and abundance you feel. Gemini — Seven of Cups. You could be quite the daydreamer this week, it may feel like there are flutters of joy in your heart as you imagine how particular choices would feel if they were to come to be. The Seven of Cups asks us to carefully consider future potentials that arise you have a cornucopia and massive abundance of ideas.

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Take some time to draw, write, create and visualise what choices will bring you the most happiness. Cancer — Page of Wands. Fun will find you this week. The Page of Wands is a beautiful card that signifies the emergence of inspiration, play and creativity. You could have some new people that come into your life this week that reflect the qualities that are beginning to emerge within you.

Accept invitations this week as whatever you are attending is likely to show you something or provide treasure and help you to discover the next steps on your adventure. You could feel humorous and jolly too this week, as the Page of Wands is about having fun and exploring in new ways. Take time to enjoy yourself, play, have fun and expand your horizons.

Your ideas have the potential to take you to new heights. Leo — The Star.

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You could find that you have a renewal of faith this week, feelings of optimism, trust and patience are likely to emerge. The Star helps us to get in touch with the mysterious power of ourselves and the universe, the part of us that prays and hopes for the best outcomes. The Star is asking you to believe in yourself, you need to trust that your dearest wishes and dreams can and will come true.

Virgo — King of Cups. Sometimes this card can signify the yearning to seek guidance in the form of help from a healer, priest, counsellor or trusted friend. The King of Cups is associated with the wounded healer, the person who was deep empathy for others because they too have experienced great pain and feel drawn to help others heal.

Libra — Ten of Cups. The Ten of Cups is a harmonious card that reflects celebration, joy and love. What are you celebrating?

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Is there something coming to completion or fruition this week? You could find that relationships are a source of fulfilment and happiness this week, you are likely to have an overflow of positive emotion to share with others in your life. Expect to see the brighter side of life this week, others are likely to want to be around your radiating positive attitude. Scorpio — King of Wands. Expect to feel an emergence of confidence and stability, the King of Wands is showing you the capabilities you have and the skills you possess are incredibly valuable.

There could be someone that comes in your experience that captivates your imagination and sets your creativity on fire! You may come to realise this week that you are a leader in a particular field of expertise or have the potential to be. This is an exciting week of realising your capabilities and potential, what are you going to conquer next? Sagittarius — The Fool. Follow what excites you this week, The Fool is guiding you through your intuition to greater experiences and circumstances.


Gemini December 10, 2018 Weekly Tarot Reading

Adventure beckons, what are you excited about? Capricorn — Knight of Cups.

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The Knight of Cups comes to us like a knight in shining armour, bringing beautifully uplifting experiences and heartfelt connections to us. You may feel an emergence of romance in your life this week as the Knight of Cups can sometimes signify our romantic life receiving a wholesome boost. The Devil card is all about the idea of freedom. We may think what we are doing feels good, but do we feel free to stop doing it at any time? If we are not free, we are not happy. The Devil wants us to feel fully alive.

You start to feel like you are simply going through the motions of life and not really living it. Ask yourself if you are stuck in any unhealthy patterns. Look at what you do to manage stress. See if your habits enrich your life or if they steal from it. If we are on the flip side, overdoing perfection, we might not have much pleasure in our life at all. We might be so focused on doing what others want, that we make little time for ourselves.

We want to achieve all our goals and make our loved ones proud but we might be letting our personal needs fall by the wayside. The Devil card wants freedom and balance in our lives. It wants us to take care of ourselves.

Whether that means indulging in our desires or looking at our habits and making healthier choices. The Hermit card is partnered with the Devil card this week and it is a great card for bringing clarity.

This card wants us to address the questions the Devil brought up by spending intentional time alone. The Hermit calls for us to take some time to be by ourselves this week. Take a walk, draw a bath, or go out in nature. Let your thoughts come and go as you listen to your body and mind.

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You will be surprised how much you learn from a few undistracted hours alone. You will come up with solutions you need for balance and freedom in your life. You will see where you need to adjust your patterns.

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If you are a natural introvert this will be an easy ask of you. But if you are more comfortable being social with others, it might be more of a challenge to be alone. But know that being alone does not mean you will feel lonely. It will actually feel invigorating and relaxing.