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Your Weekly Horoscopes: December 16 to By. Kiki O'Keeffe. | Dec. 14, Winter has finally come. And by winter we mean Capricorn season, which.

Others may try to get you to take on one more thin but just stay no.

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Gemini, a part of you may be ready to bend a few rules in your favor but right now may not be the right time to change things up. You may be ready but others may need a little time to catch up with where you are headed and how things may go. Cancer, a problem is a problem is a problem so thankfully, you're full of solutions. You may need to be slightly more creative so be sure to keep your thinking cap on.

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But remember that you have seen something like this before so it's nothing you can't handle. Leo, don't let others need to keep the status quo become your personal mantra. If you're ready to try something new or do things in a different way, do you. Sometimes it's better to ask for forgiveness later than permission first. Virgo, early today things could be a little bit of a juggling act but you will find that you're much more energetic and timely than you had expected.

Things may not go the way that you planned but they certainly end the way you want. Libra, what's a person to do when there's things that you have to get to and you'd much rather play hookey and stay home instead. Let there be one guiding rule today. What makes you feel good about the situation must be good over all.

Scorpio, a big change is up ahead but first you may have to make a few long term decisions. Which path should you take? Only you can decide but follow your heart and listen to your gut. Sagittarius, you may need to cross your t's and dot your eyes a little more than you had yesterday. Whatever changes you are making are necessary but don't rush through the process. Be smart and double check anything that you sign. Capricorn, little by little you'll be making progress.

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If you're working on a business venture, a situation that has been less than easy will finally clear. This could be a technicality or a paperwork issue or maybe simply phone tag and finally things connect they way they should. Aquarius, friendship or relationship and financial plans all come to a positive position. Feel good about the progress you have made and are making.

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Keep your positive mental attitude strong because things are looking up. Pisces, have you been giving in more than you should lately. A situation that you perhaps were sacrificing your own happiness for is ready to change. That said, each glass makes a great pen cup, make-up brush holder, a stash for crystals Do you display your Birthdate Candle in a creative way?

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