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Your Weekly Horoscopes: December 16 to By. Kiki O'Keeffe. | Dec. 14, Winter has finally come. And by winter we mean Capricorn season, which.

Only by the suggestion of an Astrologer, people born under this zodiac can wear this gemstone under specific conditions and circumstances.

An Astrologer would be the best guide for people born under this zodiac. They can wear this gemstone under specific conditions. It also has vestiges of Chromium which makes it red in color. Corundum is the name of the mineral family to which Ruby belongs. Moreover, on the Mohs scale, it has the hardness of 9 units.

Alongside, the specific gravity of Ruby gemstone is 4. This gemstone can be worn in gold or copper on the ring finger. Before wearing, the ring should be immersed in unboiled milk or the holy Ganga water. This will purify and energize the ring.

Opal Ring (Libra)

After all these rituals are performed, the ring should be worn on a Sunday morning or during Krittika, Uttarashada or Uttara Phalguni nakshatra. A real Ruby gemstone glows and shines with a realistic and deep red color while fake Ruby gemstones are dull and drear, i. Real Ruby gemstones are hard on the surface, i. This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website Learn more.

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Toll Free No X Menu Login Toll Free. Advantages As it is known that Ruby gemstone draws its power from the Sun, hence, making this gemstone powerful and exquisite among the lot.

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  • Ruby gemstone enhances the natural leadership qualities and hence the possessor of this gemstone is bound to get appreciation from the positioning authorities and also administrative services. Ruby helps in overcoming the timidity easily by boosting your confidence along with your opinions towards others. This stone imbuses the feelings of compassion, love and warmth inside the heart. By revitalizing the heart, this gemstone enhances the personality of the wearer and also sought out issues related to the eyesight alongside resolving the blood circulation.

    Ruby is a hard gemstone after diamond like any sapphire.

    Ruby Stone - Manik

    It helps achieve success in life, relationship and love. It helps to overcome the health problems related to eyesight and blood circulation. It can be worn during the major periods of Sun as it helps to get rid of malefic effect of sun. It is highly beneficial for those who are in politics, govt jobs, want to succeed in competitive exams.

    1. Planet Sun:

    It helps to remove fear, stress and depression by enhancing the power of self confidence and communication skill. It protects the wearer from obstacles, negativity, evil eyes by giving good health and mental strength. When one should wear Ruby This pink or red dynamic stone, is related with the planet sun. It is worn to get beneficial effect from Sun. For example: Yellow colored stone is usually identified as Yellow sapphire, and blue stone as blue sapphire but reality is something else.

    There are many gemstones that are found in different colors.

    Ruby gemstone for sun

    Ruby is mainly found in the shape of hexagon having six sides. Some of the results of Sun include the happiness of father, physical strength, strong position in politics, promotion, electricity, discipline, dedication etc.


    If you wear this gemstone in an auspicious Muhurta, you may get the results mentioned above. It is also beneficial for a person to wear Ruby if he wants strength to fight against diseases. If you are not getting the support of your colleagues at work, you can wear this gemstone to get favorable results.

    Properties of Ruby

    Properties of Ruby Gemstone Ruby is a precious stone and expensive than diamond. The Ruby does not tarnish even if you wear it for a long time. But keep it away from fire and high temperature, otherwise it may explode or crack or its shine may get reduced. Those who are physically weak should wear Ruby. The positive influence of Ruby helps reduce the gastric problems, stomach diseases and tuberculosis.